Instagram Poses to Take Your Sorority to the Next Level

August 18, 2023

Sorority Instagram Photograpy

If you help manage your sorority chapter’s social media, you know inventing new Instagram poses for sisterhood photo ops every day can be time-consuming. Do you want to keep using the same old, tired sorority squat to get everyone in a group photo? We didn’t think so. Here are some ways to freshen up old Instagram poses and take your profile to the next level.

Old and Tired:
Throw What You Know

The “Throw What You Know” is a tried and true sorority pose for group photos—we know it, we love it, it’s definitely here to stay. But, there are plenty of ways to modernize this Instagram pose for a fresh look.


Fun and Fresh:
Show Where You Go

Instagram is all about FOMO and showing off your chapter’s fun outings and adventures with all your sisters. Next time you feel the pride for your sorority, take a step back and show off your surroundings! Pro tip: get a wide-angle lens for your phone camera to get the entire group in the photo without compromising image quality (or having to stand on the other side of the street).

Instagram Poses for Sororities


Here are some ideas for composing the best shot:

  • Use silhouettes to your advantage! Have a sunset? Even better.
  • Take it down a level and throw your pose up in the grass with matching sorority shirts.
  • Going somewhere beautiful? Work the panorama shot and show off your sisterhood retreat t-shirts!


The Tilted Hug

The tilted hug is a more advanced version of a side hug. But let’s be real, this pose just looks painful. Our bodies aren’t meant to be contorted like this for the entire time that it takes to get that perfect shot. It’s time to send this pose back to 2010 where it belongs.


The “Plandid”

You can capture a perfect moment with your best gal with a simple formula: planning + candid Instagram pose = The Plandid. This type of shot is all about movement. Pretend you’re a model and show off your new matching sorority shirts!

Instagram Poses for Sorority Photography


Here are some quick tips for creating the perfect Plandid look:

  • Put one foot forward like you’re walking to create the illusion of motion.
  • Walk away and look back—or don’t. Work that hair, girl!
  • Try a sideways glance or just look down. It never fails.


Leave It:
The Sorority Squat

Last, but not least, behold the infamous sorority squat. We get it, there are a lot of you! It only makes sense to squat down and squish as many sisters into the frame as possible. Believe us when we say, “there is a better way, and it’s called: negative space.”


Use It:
Props and Negative Space

Next time you’re taking a group photo with all the girls, grab that wide-angle phone camera lens we mentioned earlier and get everyone in front of a neutral, solid background. The less going on in the background, the more attention you can draw to the foreground (and your cute outfits).


New Ways to photograph

Instagram Poses for Sorority Photography

Here are some ideas for more visually creative photos:

  • Keep everyone in the middle and maintain a healthy amount of negative space around you. You can use this space to put words in the margin during editing, or just leave it alone and let it work its magic.
  • Use props! Coffee, puppies, umbrellas, bubbles, glitter—just about anything will add some flair to an otherwise uneventful group photo.


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