Top 5 Fraternity Rush and Recruitment Shirt Themes for 2024

November 27, 2023

Top 5 Fraternity Rush Shirt Themes

The Top 5 Fraternity Rush Shirt Design Ideas

Each year brings a new wave of trends in fraternity rush shirt design. A few years ago, it was all about astronauts, UFOs, and a throwback to vintage eighties styles. Some trends make a flashy entrance and exit swiftly, while others stand the test of time. Here are today’s top five most asked-for fraternity recruitment shirt themes.

Nascar and Formula One

This spring, fraternity rush graphics hit top speed with Nascar and Formula One-inspired shirts. Their vintage high-octane designs and retro racing-themed graphics made them a popular go to recruitment idea.

Fraternity Shirt Ideas Racing

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The Bare Bones

This year brought a lot of interest in designs featuring skeletons. Whether it was skeletons riding the waves, chilling at the beach, or trying their luck at a poker table, these quirky designs have been big for the past two semesters.

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Golf Theme

For years, golf-themed shirts have been a top choice for fraternity rush and recruitment. Their popularity has stood the test of time, and they continue to be one of the top themes and show no signs of fading. With their timeless appeal and sporty looks, these shirts have become a hole-in-one choice for fraternity rush.

Fraternity Golf Themed Rush and Recruitment Shirts

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Grateful Dead

The Grateful Dead helped define the sites and sounds of the Sixties and their choice as a fraternity rush theme has persisted through the years. The Dancing Bears in particular have been a go-to recruitment theme in the past year.

Grateful Dead Fraternity Recruitment Shirts

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Dogs and Puppies

Drawing on the popularity of dogs and puppies, fraternity rush shirts featuring golden retrievers, labs, and bulldogs maintain their timeless status. These designs have been a popular choice for years, with their popularity showing no signs of slowing down.

Fraternity Recruitment Rush Dog Shirts

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For any theme you choose, Metro Greek is here to assist with your upcoming Fraternity Rush Shirt. Count on our award-winning art team to turn you into the star of rush.