How to Order Fraternity Shirts for Your Chapter

February 12, 2024

How to order Fraternity Shirts

Custom shirts are an excellent way to let your fraternity stand out on campus and help build a sense of brotherhood. Ordering your shirts online has become increasingly popular due to the convenience and wide range of customizable designs and art services. This article will serve as a guide to walk you through the process so you can effortlessly order customized shirts for your fraternity chapter.

1. Choose a Reputable Greek Provider.

How and where to Order Fraternity Shirts

Start by choosing a licensed and reputable online Greek shirt provider. Most major fraternities protect their brand and only allow licensed companies to produce shirts with your fraternities’ copyrighted marks and images. Your local screen printer or online rush order company may not have permission to use your fraternity’s name or symbols. Your national should have a list of approved companies. Also, be sure the company has a reputation for delivering orders on time and standing behind their quality.

2. Decide on the Perfect Design.

Fraternity Design Gallery Mockup

There are two ways to kickstart your shirt design. You can choose from one of many popular and proven online designs or submit your own idea from scratch.

  • Online Designs.

    Take the hassle out of designing with online options! Browse through a variety of awesome fraternity designs organized by event.
    Click, customize, and follow the prompt to make it uniquely yours.
    1. Customize the wording for your fraternity.
    2. Change the design colors.
    3. Choose your shirt style and color.
    4. You can even request changes to the illustration.

    You want to work your logo in there. No problem! Upload your fraternity logo or any other images you want to incorporate into your design. Art proofs in just 24 hours. Quick, easy, and seriously cool!


  • Request a Custom Design

    Submit your own design idea. Some Greek t-shirt sites offer an option to upload your design idea or sketch, and their art staff will take the time to illustrate a custom art proof for you. This gives you more control over your final shirt design. But keep in mind that a dedicated artist is working on your design. It might take several days to a week for an art proof to land in your inbox.

    Browse Online Fraternity Designs

3. Watch For Your Art Proof.

Fraternity Art Proof Check

Once your design is done, your customer service rep will send you an art proof for your review.  You can expect most art proofs within one working day. Custom designs are more time-consuming and may take up to a week to arrive. You can reply with any necessary changes to the proof.  The shirts won’t be printed and shipped until you’re happy with the design and give your final approval.

4. Request a Payment link.

Once you’re satisfied with the design, you can request a payment link for you and your members. You can pay the invoice in full or send the order link out to all your brothers for individual payments. You can set the order deadline and view a list of the members who have placed orders.

5. Open Your Box!

How to order Fraternity Shirts

After your order deadline is past, your shirts will be printed and shipped in bulk to the address you provide. Once your custom fraternity shirts arrive, distribute them to members and enjoy proudly wearing your personalized apparel. Share photos on social media to showcase your fraternity’s style.

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